Tyler The Creator Teases A Snippet Of New Music Via A Special Phone Number

A few days ago, a Tyler The Creator billboard popped up in Hollywood and it featured a phone number, 1-855-444-8888. Calling the number previously played a message, but today, Tyler again tweeted out the number and the audio on the other end has been updated. After calling the number, a 20-second snippet of funky music plays, after which the call is disconnected.

Previously, the number played a recording of Tyler’s mother saying, “I’d kill a mothaf*cka over this one right here, n****. I’d stand in front of a bullet, on God, over this one. My son used to record me beating b*tches’ ass. I would beat your whole family and didn’t give a f*ck. They’d be like, ‘Tyler’s mama crazy. Tyler’s mama crazy.’ Yep. F*ck with my kid. Tyler would be like, ‘Get ’em, mom.’ They’d be like, ‘No, don’t do it.’”

The call then ended with a snippet of new music, which Uproxx’s Aaron Williams noted is “very much in the mode of the synth-heavy style that has defined Tyler’s music since Cherry Bomb.”

Meanwhile, Tyler teased his new era yesterday with a video that stars himself, Helena Howard, and former Odd Future member and current Dave actor Taco.