Bernie Mac’s Daughter Likes These Actors For Upcoming Biopic

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Bernie Mac’s daughter names two actors she has in mind to play her father in upcoming biopic.

Over the weekend, it was announced that John Legend’s production company is developing a Bernie Mac biopic. Now that it is set in stone that there will be a biopic about the legendary comedian, the only question now is who will have the honor of playing him.


According to TMZ, Bernie Mac’s daughter, Je’Niece McCullough has been asked multiple times since her father’s death who she would want to play him. Apparently, there are two actors she has had in mind for a while.

The first actor is Aldis Hodge. Hodge is known for his roles in Hidden Figures, as MC Ren in Straight Outta Compton, and most recently as Jim Brown in One Night in Miami. Je’Niece believes Hodge is the perfect actor to play her father as an adult.

There is another actor she has in mind to play her father, maybe if he’s portrayed in his younger years. That actor is YouTube star Mark Phillips. Je’Niece told TMZ that Phillips reminds her of her father and definitely has the acting chops to capture Bernie’s essence.

Upon hearing about this, Phillips took to Twitter to share that he felt honored to be someone who could play the late comedian.

“Honored to even be considered as someone who could possibly play the role of the Legend Bernie Mac!”

The Twitterverse showed support for Phillips casting upon hearing that he is one of Je’Niece’s top picks to play her father.