There Might Be No Greater Love Than That Of Rick Ross And His Horses

During an insightful interview in which Rick Ross reveals that his money-saving methods include flying commercial, antiquing, and mowing his own lawn (on a 325-acre property, to the tune of $1 million a year), the Miami rapper also shared his love for his horses. Asked by Forbes’ Michelle Hofmann what he does when he’s not recording, decorating, or working on business partnerships, Ross told her that his horses are his greatest passion, giving worthwhile advice that works in any number of situations.

“When I’m at home, that’s when I get to talk to my horses,” Ross shared. “I get to tell them what my week was like. I get to rub them on their noses and their heads. They love me. They try to kiss my ears. When they see me walk up to the gate, they stop doing what they’re doing and they trot to me like they are saying, ‘There he is. We hope he has carrots and apples.’ And I do. Remember, a boss always comes bearing gifts. You’ve gotta bear gifts.”

Interestingly enough, Rick Ross’s love for horses has fascinated fans on social media for years. At one point, his Snapchat content largely consisted of him feeding and petting his horses, and in 2016, a video of Ross struggling to mount one of them for a ride went viral.

Check out the full interview here.