Pooh Shiesty’s Alleged Shooting Victim Recants His Police Statement

The security guard Pooh Shiesty allegedly shot at Miami nightclub King Of Diamonds over Memorial Day weekend has reportedly recanted his police statement, claiming that he can’t remember what happened on the night of the incident, according to TMZ.

Pooh’s attorneys have filed a motion to grant the rapper a release from jail on bond with sworn testimony from the guard, Frivin Dor, claiming that he was given a powerful painkiller after the incident and was still feeling the effects when he talked to police. Pooh’s lawyers argue that this should be enough for prosecutors to consider throwing the case or at least granting the rapper the possibility of bail.

According to TMZ, in Dor’s new account, he attributes the club commotion to a cooling fan falling in a nearby garage. He says he doesn’t recall Sheisty aiming at him at all, despite his previous account and video from the night of that suggests that Shiesty shot someone. However, Dor supposedly doesn’t want to press charges or make any other statements.

Previously, the security guard alleged that he was shot trying to prevent Pooh Shiesty from firing at anyone else after the rapper was incensed by someone in the club trying to grab stray bills out of his pockets. While trying to calm him down, the guard says he was shot in the leg when the rapper spontaneously let off a round in anger. Shiesty was arrested last week after turning himself in.

Pooh Shiesty is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.