LeBron James Wants To Make An Album, But There’s One ‘Crazy’ Thing He Won’t Do On It

Anyone who follows LeBron James on Instagram knows that the dude really loves music. James will oftentimes dedicate his entire IG Story to clips of him listening to music and vibing, he’ll tweet about music he’s listening to, he’s been sponsored by Beats headphones for years, all sorts of stuff.

In fact, James tweeted in the early hours of Thursday morning that he wants to add “made an album” to the lengthy list of things he has going on away from the court. James, while “thinking out loud,” said that he wants to tap into his “love for music,” but there is a catch: He has zero plans to rap on whatever he creates. He does, however, have a number of friends who he thinks can get the job done, and wants to give them a platform.

James has rapped in the past — he famously once hopped on a track alongside Kevin Durant back in 2011 that did not see the light of day until it hit the web a few years back — but it seems like he’d rather not do that again any time soon. Who knows, thought, maybe he can be talked into doing a guest verse somewhere down the line on an album he produces.