SOURCE SPORTS: Charles Barkley Says Draymond Green’s Rant Sounds “Annoying”

Looks like the bromance between Charles Barkley and Draymond Green could be in jeopardy.

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After Green made headlines this week when he went off on NBA teams for sitting players when they know they want to trade them, Barkley couldn’t have disagreed anymore.

During an appearance on The Bill Simmons Podcast this week, Barkley said Green came across as “annoying” with his rant about the double st


Barkley said it’s a lot easier to be outspoken when you play for the best team in the NBA.

“I think Draymond’s got to start learning you can say what you want to when you’re the champs and you’re in the first place,” Barkley said, as transcribed by Jon Becker of The Mercury News. “But when you’re in the last place, you become the guy who becomes annoying.”

Simmons reminded Barkley was also very outspoken during his career despite playing for some bad teams. Barkley defended that by saying “I was a great player.”

“There’s a double standard on that. When you’re a great player, you can do and say what you want to do,” he said. “When you’re on a good team, you can do and say what you want to. When you’re in last place, you have to stand down. He hasn’t learned that yet.”

The Warriors were 16-13 and in 7th in the Western Conference heading into Thursday. The team is far from last place and Green’s comments didn’t come off as annoying but as a starting point for a valued conversation.