NBA YoungBoy Is Reportedly Under Federal Investigation For A Baton Rouge Incident

A new report from Baton Rouge’s WBRZ, the city’s local ABC news affiliate, reveals that NBA YoungBoy is under federal investigation for his involvement in a music video shoot that resulted in the arrest of 16 individuals, including the rapper himself, on drug and weapons charges. According to Complex, YoungBoy was released the following day on $75,000 bond and he allegedly bailed out the remaining individuals who were arrested at the video shoot.

YoungBoy is a convicted felon so being charged with possession of a firearm is prohibited under state and federal law. But shortly after the arrest, in September 2020, a representative for him denied that the weapons or drugs were his and proclaimed he was “innocent of the crimes he was arrested for.” In the more than four months that have passed since the incident, the rapper has yet to be charged but Moore maintains that he and the U.S. Attorney’s office are still investigating his role in the incident.

The news comes after YoungBoy’s lawyer, James Manasseh, filed a motion to end his client’s bond supervision because no charges have been filed against him. In addition to that, a judge recently ordered that certain items that were seized during the arrest, including over $40,000 in cash and a $300,000 cashier’s check, be returned to him.

(via WRBZ)