Fans Won’t Stop Bringing Up ‘Yellow Bone’ After DaniLeigh And DaBaby Broke Up

A few weeks ago DaniLeigh got herself into hot water for snippets of a song called “Yellow Bone” that was met with severe backlash and accusations of colorism due to her positioning: “Yellow bone is what he want.” Artists like Chika tried to help DaniLeigh see that her comments were hurtful due to the history of colorism, but even her second attempt at an apology relied on tired tropes like her Black friends and “chocolate man,” as she was dating the rapper DaBaby at that time.

After the fallout from the song and the critical reception, this past Sunday DaniLeigh shared that she’s “officially single,” but for fans who were offended by the “Yellow Bone” controversy, letting her suffer in peace isn’t an option. Take one example of a comment captured by The Shade Room, for instance:

“So yellow bone is not what he want???” one commenter asked. To which Dani replied “Is this all y’all got say?? And for how long?? Come up with some new fr or jus get off my page.”

It seems unlikely that the song will be officially released after the reception it received, but let’s hope DaniLeigh learns from this and is able to move on quickly.