Lil Nas X Will Narrate A Super Bowl Ad Soundtracked By His New Single, ‘Call Me By Your Name’

Despite being a relative newcomer to the “international pop star” gig, Lil Nas X has already proven scarily adept at the whole project rollout aspect of his career. Not only are his singles generally theme-appropriate, but he’s also mastered ensuring some sort of corporate synergy with each to ensure maximum outreach. With “Holiday,” he dropped right around the holidays, dressed like a futuristic Santa, and appeared in ads for Amazon and on late-night TV to hype the single and his look.

For his next single, named for the Timothy Chalamet star vehicle “Call Me By Your Name,” he partnered with Logitech for the song to appear in a Super Bowl ad, which he also narrates. He had previously teased the song on social media, driving up fans’ anticipation for its release, and now, they’re in an all-out frenzy in his Twitter replies demanding the official release. Knowing him, he’s probably waiting for just the right time to drop a music video. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chalamet makes a cameo in it — Lil Nas loves cameos.

As fans await the release of Lil Nas X’s debut album, the rapper himself has become a bestselling children’s author and received his Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award blimp trophy in the mail. He’s been juggling multiple responsibilities, but if he’s doing Super Bowl ads, it seems like he’s handling it well.