SOURCE SPORTS: Kevin Durant Likes a Social Media Post Calling Out Warriors Players For Being “Unprofessional”

Kevin Durant can’t stop taking little jabs at his former team the Golden State Warriors.

Durant liked an Instagram post this weekend about some comments made by Detroit Pistons veteran Wayne Ellington. The Pistons and the Warriors played each other on Friday, which led to some hostility between Pistons swingman Rodney McGruder and the rest of the Warriors.

Durant’s liking of the post indicated that he agreed with Ellington calling Draymond Green and Klay Thompson “unprofessional” for their role in the incident.


This is the same Durant that keeps burner accounts but he made sure it was from his original Instagram account. To this day, Durant never came clean as to why he left the Warriors for the Brooklyn Nets. Apparently, the Instagram post reminded Durant of not so much fun times in Oakland.