The Weeknd Reveals Some Massive Plastic Surgery In His ‘Save Your Tears’ Video

The Weeknd’s chart-topping album After Hours debuted in March and the singer has been steadily releasing videos alongside the album since. Previously, The Weeknd has appeared in videos and performances with his face wrapped in bandages. But now, he’s taking off the gauze to reveal some massive plastic surgery in his “Save Your Tears” video.

The video furthers the singer’s faux physical transformation, which he has been chronicling through his entire After Hours album cycle. The Weeknd was previously seen with his face bloodied and bandaged, even at awards shows. Now, the singer appears healed, revealing a massive facelift and plastic surgery. But while his physical features are restored, it’s clear his mental state is unraveling. The visual depicts The Weeknd in a manic state at a surreal awards show where he stumbles through the crowded ballroom and even fakes-out the crowd with a confetti pistol.

The visual arrives following The Weeknd’s spat with the Recording Academy. After Hours did not receive a single Grammy nomination, despite being one of the highest-charting albums of the year. The singer slammed the Grammys as “corrupt” after claiming the Recording Academy didn’t consider him for any nominations because he had agreed to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show.

Watch The Weeknd’s “Save Your Tears” video above.

After Hours is out now via Republic. Get it here.