Dreamville Highlights A Truly Revolutionary Artist In The First Episode Of Its ‘The Messenger’ Podcast

As more and more artists get into podcasting as an alternative outlet and become the subjects of narrative podcasts like the Tekashi 69 podcast Infamous, it was only a matter of time until an artist took on the challenge of reporting for their own documentary-style show. Now, Dreamville and Bas are partnering with Spotify for The Messenger, a podcast telling the story of Ugandan pop star Bobi Wine, who is running for president in his country’s upcoming general election — and risking his life to do so.

Bas will narrate the podcast, amplifying Bobi Wine’s social justice struggle as he challenges Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni, who’s been the nation’s president since 1986. Under Museveni, Ugandan leadership has suppressed dissent, threatened to punish homosexuality with the death penalty, removed term and age limits on the presidency, and oversaw multiple humanitarian crises, including involvement in Congo’s civil war and the insurgency of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Northern Uganda.

Bobi Wine, who led multiple humanitarian aid projects throughout his tenure as both a musician and a member of Uganda’s Parliament, was banned from radio for speaking out against the government’s policies, arrested after his nomination for president, and allegedly mistreated while in police custody. The Messenger seeks to bring light to this artist’s struggle ahead of his challenging Museveni this year, spearheaded by Bas, who is also of African descent, although he hails from Sudan rather than Uganda.

Listen to the podcast on Spotify and check out its theme song, “Smoke From Fire,” above.