Flying Lotus Says He Was Working On A Collaborative EP With MF Doom

The hip-hop world is still reeling over the unexpected news that legendary rapper MF Doom died this year. His wife shared a message on Instagram letting fans know that he “transitioned” back in October of this year, and his death was also confirmed to HipHopDX in a statement. The outpouring of sadness and admiration from the hip-hop community in the wake of his passing has been overwhelming, as rappers and producers of all ages and from all over the country have taken to social media to mourn the loss.

One of Doom’s frequent collaborators, Flying Lotus, shared some even more sad news when a fan mentioned the dreams many fans had that the two would work on a full-length project together. “Lots of us always dreamed of a long-length project between you and MF DOOM,” the fan wrote in a response to a tweet FlyLo posted of the Doom song “Lunch Break,” which he produced.. “Now that hits differently. But I’m glad to know that both of you collaborated from time to time,” the fan continued. In response, Flying Lotus shared that he and the late rapper were in the middle of working on an EP together. “I hate to say this but we were actually working on an EP. There were more songs that I haven’t even heard.”

Maybe those collaborations will the see the light some day in the future. Rest in peace to an artist who touched many lives.