Lil Tjay Arrested And Charged With Possession Of Marijuana, Weapons, And Grand Larceny

Rapper Lil Tjay was arrested today according to a report from TMZ. The Bronx rapper was stopped and searched by the police during a music video shoot last week, and he captured the interaction on video, noting that the search and seizure was illegal. During that interaction, on December 27th, the cops didn’t find anything and Lil Tjay was free to go.

Today, however, the NYPD reportedly pulled the rapper over again, and this time he was booked for “criminal possession of a weapon, marijuana possession and grand larceny,” according to TMZ sources. The weapon and marijuana charges make more sense, but the grand larceny charge remains unclear. The rapper was apparently pulled over for switching lanes without signaling, and when officers smelled marijuana they searched the car and found four loaded handguns and large quantities of weed. Tjay was in a vehicle with four other people, and since no one took responsibility for the weed and guns, all five were charged.

In many different areas of the country, using marijuana has become legal, or at least possession and use of the drug has been decriminalized. In New York, however, it remains an illegal substance. Hopefully that’s something that will be changed in the future so cops can no longer use it as an excuse to target rappers.