SOURCE SPORTS: Ty Lue Use Kawhi Leonard Like Micheal Jordan in Clippers New Triangle Offense

New Los Angeles Clippers head coach Ty Lue believes he has found a way to help the team’s offensive troubles.

Lue told reporters Sunday that the team will employ some triangle offense sets this season for Kawhi Leonard, citing his ability to operate in the pinch-post area. Lue added that Leonard has expressed a desire to run the Triangle Offense.

“We have put in two or three sets of the triangle and let Kawhi play in those spaces where Kobe [Bryant] and [Michael] Jordan played in those spots as well,” said Lue, per Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times. “He loves those two players and he really respects and looks up to those guys. So, we just try to put him in position. I was able to play with both those guys and I also played in the triangle, so just trying to teach him that as well … teach our team as well.”


Lue is played for Phil Jackson as a Los Angeles Laker from 1998-2001. During that time Lue learned to operate the triangle offense.

While the triangle isn’t used much in today’s NBA, it’s a good way to hide the lack of a true playmaking point guard by initiating actions out of the pinch post with a big wing who can hit the midrange jump shot.