Megan Thee Stallion Gives Mulatto’s ‘Cry Baby’ Twerk Video Her Seal Of Approval

As much as she’s known for her diamond-precise flow, Megan Thee Stallion has also earned a well-deserved reputation for having “iron knees” thanks to her habit of squatting down for extended twerk breaks during her live performances. Her booty-popping skills are so revered, reigning New Orleans Bounce monarch Big Freedia dubbed her a twerk hall-of-famer. Now, Megan is passing on that approval to another young, up-and-coming rapper after Atlanta’s Mulatto put on an impressive display to Megan’s Good News album cut “Cry Baby.”

Mulatto, who celebrated her 22nd birthday yesterday, posted the lighthearted video as part of the festivities. It’s an unadorned performance, likely taken at a casual get-together with close friends as Latto seems much more dressed-down than usual. She drops all the way down as “Cry Baby” blasts in the background while getting cheered on by her girls, a feat that earned Megan’s co-sign once Latto posted it to Twitter. Meg quote-tweeted the video with her trademark tongue-out emojis — which should be adopted as an international standard rating for twerk performances from here on out.

Both Meg and Mulatto have had stellar 2020s, but not without their hiccups. While Meg overcame being shot to earn accolades as rapper of the year and/or woman of the year in multiple publications, as well as a Grammy nomination, Mulatto released her well-received debut album. However, she also took some flak for her stage name, prompting her to begin the process of updating it, which is taking a while. However, she remains focused on doing her part to help others, using a gift giveaway as the basis for her “Spend It” video.