Andy Keels Delivers Grungy Rock-N-Roll On His New Track ‘Get Up Stand Up’

On his latest release, the NYC-based artist finds a fit for his distinctive voice in a pastiche of grungy rock with a smooth attitude. 

At first, the rock ballad ‘Get Up Stand Up,’ with its steel guitars, chain-shaking rhythm, and swelling harmonies seems quite similar to Andy Keels’ previous release ‘Dead To Me,’ but then it hits high with powerful trilling acoustic guitars that establish his sounds in a brand new way. Andy Keels deploys big synth energy in a full NYC vibe while demonstrating his personal experiences throughout his lyrics. 

As the press release notes, ‘Keels finds inspiration from life situations that have an emotional or meaningful link with the people he met, stories he has heard, or places he’s been to. At only 18 years, he nailed a record deal with his band of the time, alongside his brother Niall and other friends. Andy was a drummer, singer, and songwriter in the pop/rock band, Twen2y4se7en, and toured the UK with the likes of Westlife, McFly, Blue, and Sugababes’.

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