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Kudos To You If You Can Get Vallyre’s “Bloodsweat” Out Of Your Mind

When a song or a beat is stuck in your head, you can do absolutely nothing about that. Just sing it proudly or mumble it until the effect is gone. However, that is not the case with Boston-based singer-songwriter Vallyre’s new release “Bloodsweat” that is not the case. Each time you repeat “bloodsweat,” you will hear Vallyre’s warm vocals caressing your ears and soul and will want more of it. It seems like the talented and hard-working artist has found the perfect formula of sounds to make us want to hear her nonstop. The passion and devotion pouring out of her soul-stirring vocals also transcended into the short music video the artist produced for the track on her own. The visuals show the artist’s creativity and artistry to the core. Her interest in acting is very evident in the clip and pays off with a skilled performance. Everything she does is professional and has a portion of deep love for music and art.