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With The Release Of “In Ya Face,” TwoCeez Throws His Full Potential In Our Face


 North-Las Vegas-based hip-hop artist TwoCeez also known as Chilly Chillz proves hard work pays off, but if there is natural talent involved, no one can stop you. The artist’s recent release “In Ya Face” throws his whole potential in our face unapologetically. The artist demonstrates his rapping mannerism in full on the drive and lets us be drawn into his urban lyricism peppered with a poetic approach. TwoCeez reincarnates the 90’s old school sound and breathes fresh air into it with his signature style mixing high melodicism and groovy beats. He goes as far as adding a bit of humor and romanticism to the release, making it even more diverse and different from what we are used to hearing daily. If you like experimenting with new sounds and have a passion for OG rap, “In Ya Face” is definitely for you.