The Weeknd’s ‘American Dad!’ Episode Is a Twitter Thirst Trap

Last night, The Weeknd made his much-anticipated debut on American Dad! and it was packed with enough horny tunes and sexual innuendo to keep Twitter users titillated for the rest of quarantine.

The notoriously brooding R&B crooner recently told Variety. “I always wanted to play a character that was the opposite of the public’s perception of me—and of course make fun of myself.”

Last night’s episode was titled “A Starboy Is Born,” which The Weeknd co-wrote with Robot Chicken producer, Joel Hurwitz. In the show, the musician is kidnapped by Stan in an attempt to teach Roger a lesson. Ultimately, we learn that contrary to his promiscuous public persona, The Weeknd has been protecting his virginity in order to win Grammys.

He even premiered a new song titled, I’m A Virgin, in which he quite literally sings the praises of chastity and “waiting until marriage.” He croons, “Had a lot of girls in my day/ Wanted more from me/ But there’s really only one way/ To start a family.” Watch the full clip below.

It seems the Canadian superstar enjoyed his appearance on American Dad! and there might be more animated appearances on the horizon. He explained, “American Dad! was everything I wanted. It’s going to be hard to beat this in the TV cartoon world, but an obvious bucket list would be to work on The Simpsons. That would be a dream — and if they’re reading this, I actually have a pretty cool idea if they’re down.”

Until then, here are the best and most thirsty Twitter reactions from last night’s episode.

Drink It In

“I’m a Virgin” is a big Iso mood

Roger is having a moment, too