French Montana Still Thinks He Can Beat Any Rapper

French Montana has the kind of self-confidence you can only dream of. Just last month he claimed he could match Pulitzer Prize-winning musician Kendrick Lamar “hit for hit.” Now, the “Wiggle It” rapper claims he could “go against anybody” in a battle.

Speaking to DJ E Rock on 92.3’s The Bassment, French insisted that he could go head-to-head with any rapper – with one small caveat; “I know Drake probably got me. JAY-Z got me.”

Aside from those two, “it’s whatever. It’s open game. Of course, there’s people like Snoop when his thing bang, it’s like Dr. Dre and all that respect to him” he elaborated. Watch the 12-minute-long interview.

French Montana was dragged by hip-hop fans and artists alike following his claims that he can match Kendrick. Even Young Thug got involved, criticizing French and starting beef between the former collaborators. Find out who actually has the most hits here.