Angel Reese Apparently Got Ejected For Saying ‘That’s Bullsh*t’ To A Ref And Even Sabrina Ionescu Couldn’t Believe It

The Chicago Sky played host to the New York Liberty on Tuesday night and were unable to pick up a win. Despite leading as the game entered the fourth quarter, the Sky struggled to get going offensively in the game’s final period and picked up an 88-75 loss to fall to 3-5 on the year.

First-round pick Angel Reese had a double-double on the night, going for 13 points and 10 rebounds in 24 minutes of work. She also saw her night come to a premature end in a … let’s call it strange way, as the former LSU standout got ejected with two and a half minutes left for voicing her disappointment after getting called for a personal foul.

It, truly, does not look like she does much of anything here — she waved her hand at a referee and walked away, which usually means a player said something a referee doesn’t like, and apparently, she said “that’s bullsh*t” twice. Still, that is awfully harsh, and it go to the point that a player on the opposing team, Liberty guard Sabrina Ionescu, apparently came to her defense, asking the referee why that deserved two technicals and an ejection.

We’ll see if Reese says anything about this after the game, because if this really just a matter of a player saying “that’s bullsh*t” twice and waving their hand at a referee, this is about as soft of an ejection as you’ll ever see.