Stephen King’s Review Of One Of The Scariest Movies Of 2024 Might Ruin The Minions For You

In a Violent Nature has Stephen King‘s seal of approval.

The author reviewed the “ambient slasher” from director Chris Nash, which is told nearly entirely from the perspective of the killer. “IN A VIOLENT NATURE: If you need a slasher movie, this one will do the job,” King wrote on X. “It’s leisurely, almost languorous, but when the blood flows, it flows in buckets. The killer in his mask looks like the world’s most terrifying Minion.”

OK, but which Minion? Not all Minions look the same, Stephen.


See? Kevin is built very differently than Bob.

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But I’m getting big Stuart energy from the In a Violent Nature killer.

“I think it falls right into the path that every other slasher has already burned through the cinematic landscape,” Nash told Time about his film. “We’re not doing anything new. We just moved the camera to a different spot. We didn’t want to make this a mockery or a satire of what a slasher traditionally is. We wanted to pay homage to those films.”

In a Violent Nature — which reportedly made people shriek and puke during a screening — is out in theaters now and will be released on Shudder later this year. Make it a double feature with Despicable Me 4.