Cardi B & Bia’s Beef Gets Ugly | Billboard News

The girls in rap are at it again. Cardi B & Bia’s beef is heating up, as Bia releases the diss track “Sue Meee?” after their feud online. Keep watching to find out more.

Tetris Kelly: 

Cardi B and Bia had a feud on the Internet, and Bia has put it in music. It was believed that Cardi B subbed Bia on the “Wanna Be Remix.” Also, Bia replied to a tweet saying Cardi B has her on her mood board, and Cardi went on IG Live attempting to clear the air. After threatening to sue Bia, the rapper has dropped the diss track “Sue Meee?” She even used cover art that references when Offset accused Cardi of cheating on him. Do you have a side in this beef? Let us know in the comments.