When Will ‘All American’ Season 6, Episode 10 Come Out?

(WARNING: Spoilers for the most recent All American episode will be found below.)

Including this week’s episode of All American, there are four episodes left in season six of the series. It’s important to note that as season seven, which is still up in the air, could feature a whole new cast. Despite that, we can still enjoy what the current cast of Spencer James, Olivia and Jordan Baker, and others have brought to the show. This week, Spencer is at the NFL draft combine and it proves to be a bit more difficult that expected. Here’s when you can check the next episode of All American.

When Will All American Season 6, Episode 10 Come Out?

The tenth episode of All American season six, titled “Mass Appeal,” will arrive on June 3. The Dawn Wilkinson-directed and Robert D. Doty-written episode will be available on Monday, 6/3 on the CW TV channel at 8pm EST/PST. The episode will later be available to stream on the CW app and website at 3 am ET/12 am PT. A synopsis for “Mass Appeal” can be found below:

Spencer finds himself struggling at the NFL combine when prospective coaches dig into his past. Jordan convinces Layla to take a day for herself while he handles her first brunch service at the lounge. Elsewhere, Asher receives some unexpected news about Coach Montes, and Olivia’s time with Baby AJ gives her some much-needed perspective about her book.

You can also watch the trailer for All American season six, episode ten below:

New episodes of ‘All American’ are available on CW TV on Mondays at 8 pm ET/PT and on the CW app and website at 3 am ET/12 am PT.