What Are The Must-See Shows For June 2024?

June is upon us, and you know what that means: a new season of The Bear is coming from FX on Hulu. As for the rest of the month? The number of essential watches is smaller, but they are most decidedly mightier. From a return to the kitchen to a rallying of the forces on Westeros to the baddest version of Homelander we’ve seen yet, your TV screen will get a workout.

Will that screen grow as hot in temperature as it will be outside? No way, and that’s the beauty of obsessing over TV in the heat of summer. Get down, Chefs, and consider these must see shows for June 2024.

The Mayor Of Kingstown: Season 2 (Paramount+ series streaming on 6/2)

Jeremy Renner returned to the Taylor Sheridan scene after substantial recovery from his near-deadly snowplow accident. As a result, the crime drama returns with Mike McLusky feeling pressure to end the drug war with the Russian mob complicating matters, but naturally, a blast from the past threatens his prospective peace, and at the same time, Kingstown is being plagued by explosions. It’s not Yellowstone‘s final episodes, but Sheridan-heads will be tuning in regardless.

Star Wars: The Acolyte: Season 1 (Disney+ series streaming on 6/4)

Did you have Star Wars procedural series of sorts on your 2024 bingo card? That’s not exactly what you’ll find here, but still, this diplomatic-mission story promises a different type of experience for fans of a galaxy far, far away. The events of this show transpire in the High Republic era, during which clue-hunting gets dark after a crime spree leads to conflict between a Jedi Master (Lee Jung-jae) and a warrior (Amanda Stenberg).

Sweet Tooth: Season 3 (Netflix series streaming on 6/6)

Team Downey’s savory slam-dunk series has returned to put a bow on the post-apocalyptic adventures of Gus and Jeopardy. In this final season, the questing parties head to Alaska in search of Gus’ mother, who is on a search of her own for the origins of the Sick. Unfortunately, Gus is the target of a new threat on the horizon, so it’s anyone’s guess how the hybrids and humanity will fare in the end.

Bridgerton: Season 3 Part 2 (Netflix series streaming on 6/13)

Those Kanthony scratch marks need to be one-upped, and Polin already did those honors in the carriage, but there’s more to come in that department. In the final half of this season, Penelope’s secret identity as Lady Whistledown could very well ruin everything with Colin, but we shall have to see what happens when that truth comes out. Despite losing the Duke a few seasons ago, this show has managed to keep the horny-fires burning for each consecutive season, and Netflix definitely knows their audience, so expect to see much more steam while we wait for all society-hell to break loose.

The Boys: Season 4 (Prime Video/Amazon series streaming on 6/13)

Although it does not seem possible, Hom(i)elander manages to be worse than ever this season while warming up two new Supes for the Seven. He believes that he is using that Gen V cameo to his advantage, but here’s something else: Billy Butcher will be doing the same. Beyond that clash, Butcher will need to make nice again with the vigilantes, and you know that they will give him hell but eventually climb onboard. This season, Starlight has also fully defected from Vought, and Victoria Neuman is continuing to build her power after revelations that she is a blood bender. The lingering question, however, would be this: how many prosthetic penises will we see this season? (Dammit, I cannot count that high.)

Hotel Cocaine: Season 1 (MGM+ series streaming on 6/16)

Danny Pino is fresh off his Mayans M.C. run for a slightly lighter number of a streaming show, and honestly, good for him. Pino portrays Roman Compte, the Mutiny Hotel’s GM who helps build the notorious establishment’s “Casablanca on cocaine” reputation. Narcos fans should get a real kick out of this series, and cocaine shows are so hot right now.

House of the Dragon: Season 2 (HBO series streaming on Max 6/16)

Is it possible for Daemon to become even more of a cad? Get ready to see that happen. This season will begin shortly after the deaths of Luc and Viserys, and the Targaryen civil war shall begin. Westeros devotees already know how this will end, but that will not even slightly diminish the thrill of watching the fire beasts take to the sky as Team Black and Team Green begin gathering alliances and beginning that tragic fight for the Iron Throne. Also yes, Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke’s chemistry is incredible, but sadly, they won’t have any screen time together in this season unless the source material experiences a drastic change. And yes, that’s possible, but only HBO knows what’s coming as of now.

The Bear: Season 3 (FX on Hulu series streaming on 6/27)

Cousin Richie. Enough said? We’ll see if he continues wearing suits after finding himself last season and being the unexpected MVP of Friends and Fam night. From there, Carmy and Natalie will need to figure out how to repay that massive loan, fast, and you know that Carmy will probably be even more obsessed with securing a Michelin star. Beyond that hot mess in the making, this show is coming back with Emmy acting wins for Ayo Edebiri, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, and Jeremy Allen White. So, expectations are through the roof after the second season kept the fires going while switching narrative gears, and now, it’s down to business with the new restaurant. Get ready to be stressed out again and love it.