Hugh Jackman Got Real About The Hardest Part Of Becoming Jacked Wolverine Again (And Earned Rare Praise From Ryan Reynolds)

The greatest irony of the filthy popcorn bucket (and we were warned) for Deadpool & Wolverine is that there’s no way that Hugh Jackman was adding butter to anything while bulking up for his role. He was eating the blandest of food, and a ton of it, and that was the hardest part of bulking up to hit the claws again. That was more difficult, it seems, than frequenting the gym to encourage his muscles to be jacked, like so:

Obviously, the process of becoming Wolverine again is a highly physical one, but what was the worst part? The food was what did Jackman’s “head in,” as he told People for a new feature interview:

“When I came back to it, it was really fun and I was thrilled. My body was a little sore at the beginning, but I was thrilled that my body was still responding. And I realized how good it is for your brain. But the hardest bit… the food … I have to eat a lot. For me, for my body type, I’m naturally skinny. To get the size on, that’s the hardest bit. That’s the bit that does my head in.”

Ryan Reynolds chimed in to add that this is “not like the type of food that you would really necessarily enjoy.” In addition to gobbling that bland, unseasoned chicken and unbuttered popcorn, however, Jackman also had to get into fight-choreography mode again. That part looked relatively easy from the viewpoint of Reynolds, who issued some rare praise for his co-star:

And particularly the physicality — that ability, the dance and that background — really came in because you would do stuff where I was convinced when you were coming at me a few times, there is no way this guy’s pulling his punch,” he says with a laugh. “I will be decapitated by Hugh Jackman, and that will be his f—ing cross to bear, not mine.”

It appears that the two stars did finish the film without any decapitations (whew!), so soon, we’ll be able to see the final product on screens. Deadpool & Wolverine whips up that chimichanga on July 26.

(Via People)