[WATCH] Charlemagne Tha God: Diddy Got Wendy Williams Fired From Hot 97 Over “Gay” Claim

On a recent episode of comedian Andrew Schulz’s Flagrant podcast, The Breakfast Club co-host and culture critic Charlemagne Tha God alleges that Diddy got troubled talk show host Wendy Williams fired from Hot 97 over claims that the Bad Boy founder was homosexual.

Charlemagne delves into the history between his mentor, Williams, and Diddy, which goes back almost thirty years.

“Wendy’s whole thing was Diddy was gay,” Charlamagne said. “That’s why Wendy got fired from Hot 97. Wendy got fired from Hot 97 by Diddy ’cause that’s when Bad Boy was smoking hot. She got fired for putting that out there.”


The former Wendy Williams Show host supposedly had a photo of Diddy in an intimate situation with another man, suggesting that Diddy was gay, which ultimately got her fired from the radio station in 1998.

See the Flagrant podcast statement HERE

Former Bad Boy bodyguard Gene Deal also spoke about Williams’ firing in a 2022 interview with Art Of Dialogue.

“The power [Diddy] had with the radio stations in New York, motherfuckers didn’t breathe hard if [Diddy] didn’t want them to,” he said.“[Diddy] got one of the hottest DJs off Hot 97 because she wanted to put up a picture of him getting his pants pulled down. [Diddy] told Hot 97 if they didn’t get rid of her before he got back in New York, that they was not going to get any music from any of his friends, any of the record labels executives that was cool with him. Everyone was going to boycott their station.”

There have been rumors about Diddy’s sexuality for years, however, most recently in his sexual assault lawsuit, producer Lil Rod claims the mogul groped him and tried to groom him into having sex with fellow producer Stevie J.