SOURCE SPORTS: NBA’s Isaiah Thomas Said AK-47 Was Pulled On Him In His City

NBA All Star Isaiah Thomas said that he had a life threatening scare over the weekend when a kid pulled out an automatic weapon on him and his friends and says that his notoriety is what might have just saved his life.

The Sun’s shooting guard took to X(formerly Twitter) to talk about the Memorial Day weekend incident, saying it was a truly “life changing moment.”

Thomas claims that while he and some friends were ahnging out in his hometown of Tacoma, Washington, when they were approached by a kid flashing an AK-47. Thomas contends, “if it wasn’t for who I was and him recognizing me in my own city he probably woulda ended all of our lives.”


Isaiah Thomas grew up in Tacoma and played college ball a short drive away at Washington before joining the Association in 2011. He’s suited up for a handful of teams, but most notably for the Sacramento Kings, Phoenix Suns, Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers.