‘Reacher’ Season 3: Everything To Know About The Return Of Alan Ritchson’s Big Guy And An Even Bigger Guy (Update For May 2024)

Alan Richson was born to portray Reacher even though he’s eating ungodly calories and previously risked his health to get there (and is being healthier about this now, thank goodness). The show of brilliant simplicity gained a devoted audience upon debut, and that fervor grew to splendidly ridiculous heights with the second season. Before that season concluded, Prime Video (Amazon) announced that Ritchson’s Big Guy would return for another Lee Child-authored adventure somewhere in the U.S.

Since that shrouded revelation, numerous details have surfaced to tell us where Reacher will land and what he will do next, so let’s get started.


No shortage exists of Reacher books to fuel Reacher‘s seasonal adventures, and this series is having a ball bouncing around the source material. As viewers will recall, the first season adapted The Killing Floor, and the second season followed Bad Luck and Trouble. After a fair amount of teasing, Amazon revealed that the third season is based upon Child’s Persuader book (the Jack Reacher series’ seventh book), which is centered in Maine. That’s lobstering country for those who want to see Reacher eat. (Also, we will have to cross fingers for the fourth season to take on Tripwire to put Ritchson’s Reacher in Key West, where he can critique the key lime pie.)

Expect to see Neagley (Maria Sten) miraculously surface as a connecting thread and ally in this adventure. Also get ready for Reacher to move on from both both Roscoe Conklin (Willa Fitzgerald) and Karla Dixon (Serinda Swan), who are both off pursuing their lives after being Reacher love interests. This season, Reacher will get randy with DEA agent Susan Duffy, who will be portrayed by Sonya Cassidy.

The most ominous news thus far about this season, however, is that Reacher will no longer be the Biggest Guy around. The Bad Dudes found a Bigger Guy to fight Reacher, and his name is Paul “Paulie” Masserella. He will be portrayed by Olivier Richters, a.k.a. “The Dutch Giant,” the world’s tallest bodybuilder who stands 7’3″ IRL as opposed to Alan Ritchson’s 6’3″.

Already, Paulie is wreaking havoc on the Reacher set while attempting to show Reacher who is boss of the dry erase pens.

Sure, nobody would want to run into this guy in a dark alley or in the daylight, but c’mon, do we expect him to have the mind of Reacher? Not gonna happen. Still, expect some bruises. I mean, look at this dude’s thighs:


Alan Ritchson’s leading man has nearly erased the memory of Tom Cruise’s Reacher off the map, and that’s how things shall stay. However, the Bigger Guy called Paulie will be portrayed, as mentioned above, by Olivier Richters, and Susan Duffy will be portrayed by Sonya Cassidy. And thank goodness that we can always rely upon Maria Sten as Neagley.

Release Date

Amazon revealed that the wait for more Reacher will end in 2025. The bad news, however, is that we have to wait until 2025 to see Reacher punch something anew.


Since no trailer exists yet, perhaps thirst can be sated by looking back at the funniest first-season moments. Roscoe Conklin, you are missed.