Sean Kingston Was Arrested At His Own Concert On Fraud And Theft Charges, Shortly After His Mother Was Also Taken Into Custody

“Beautiful Girls” singer Sean Kingston was arrested at Fort Irwin in California’s Mojave Desert yesterday (May 23), immediately after performing a concert there, on fraud and theft charges, TMZ reports.

A company named Ver Ver Entertainment filed a civil complaint against Kingston and attorney Dennis Card, who represents the company, alleged (via Local 10), “He basically has a sales pitch that he goes through to defraud people. He induces them into giving him really expensive things. We know that our property is inside this house right here, so as soon as the raid takes place we are going to have a crew of people in there to reassemble it and take it back to its rightful owner.”

In terms of the raid Card mentioned: Kingston’s arrest followed a SWAT raid on his Florida home, where his mother, Janice Turner, was arrested. She was taken into custody on “numerous fraud and theft charges.”

The complaint from Ver Ver claims Kingston used his celebrity status to scam people out of products and services: In one alleged example, he partially paid for a television and entertainment system, but never paid for it in full following installation.

Following his mother’s arrest, Kingston wrote in an Instagram Story post yesterday, “People love negative energy! I am good and so is my mother!.. my lawyers are handling everything as we speak.”