No, ‘The Simpsons’ Did Not Predict Diddy’s ‘Current Situation’ As A Viral TikTok Claims

The Simpsons did not predict 9/11, or the Notre Dame fire, or Donald Trump touching a glowing orb. And the animated series definitely didn’t predict “Diddy’s current situation,” as a viral TikTok that shows the rapper, who has been accused of assault by multiple women, running from the cops claims.

The Simpsons co-showrunner Matt Selman blasted the “AI fake” and the whole Simpsons-predicted-it phenomenon.

“In the current era of digital misinformation, The Simpsons ‘predictions’ (or, more accurately, ‘coincidences’) have become meaningless,” he told TMZ. “Any goofball can whip up an AI image based on a current event and say ‘The Simpsons predicted it!’ — and decent-but-easily-misled folks will believe it because they so very want it to be true.”

Selman continued, “If you study history, you will be able to ‘predict’ the future because the foolishness of humanity repeats itself. If you study math, you will know that if the show makes literally tens of thousands of jokes about American society over almost 800 episodes, it would be statistically impossible not to create material that overlaps with what would later happen in real life.”

Either that, or it’s the work of a thousand monkeys working at a thousand typewriters. The blurst of times, indeed.

(Via TMZ)