Today In Hip Hop History: K-Solo Released His Debut Album ‘Tell The World My Name’ 34 Years Ago

On this date in 1990, original Hit Squad member K-Solo dropped his debut album, Tell The World My Name, on Atlantic Records.

Produced primarily by PMD(Parrish Smith) of EPMD, Tell The World My Name was the launch of Solo’s hardcore delivery, which was his calling card on his introduction into the music biz on EPMD’s “Knick Knack Paddy Wack” off their Unfinished Business album. Solo’s signature spell-out style along with his uncanny storytelling abilities made his first album one of the tope drops of 1990.

Tracks that led the album’s momentum includes the alphabetic “Spellbound”, his prison to the booth saga on “Fugitive” and the timeless “Your Moms In My Business”, which was a catchphrase in teenage love situations of that era.


Salute to K-Solo, EPMD, DJ Scratch and even Al B.Sure for their contributions to this integral piece of Hip Hop history!