LA Laura Paris Releases Fire New Single “Game Over”

Just released is the latest single by LA Laura Paris is a French multi-talented pop electro artist known for composing singular mixes of French and English lyrics. “Game Over” is a bouncing pop-electro beat that sings out the complexity of modern relations with vintage flavor and a zest of nostalgia that characterizes the genre.

As a matter of fact, “Game Over” is an expression of feelings of strength and dignity facing vices in a relationship. It was an inspiration from one’s personal experience of heartbreak, characteristically depicted in the lyrics as “J’aime qui je suis, je me respecte. Les cons de nuit, je les éjecte” (“I love who I am; I respect myself. I kick out the jerks of the  night.”. These lines bribe each other through the artistic experience of self-definition of power and refusal to be squandered.

This visual experience takes the viewer back to an 80s arcade through its video for “Game Over.” Outfitting themselves in indeed exotic ensembles, LA Laura Paris and her crew shake it up across the neon and vintage game cabinet, making the video area dynamic and moving. In the video, one is led to believe that it walks hand in hand with the theme of the song, the challenges life presents, representing the various levels of a video game that one needs to overcome with persistence and determination.

Born Laura Pinon-Courtoy in Brussels, Belgium, LA Laura Paris has taken the music world by storm and has been called the French Madonna. A young artist, she started off with the classics from the word go by learning violin and piano at the Royal Academy of Music in Brussels. Her artistic openings led to most types of dances—classical, jazz, tap, hip-hop, and Bollywood—all influencing her music and performances.

Her move to Hollywood, to the Musicians Institute, again gave her a chance to better her skills, this time working with American musicians; hence, she drew a lot from each that helped her make her music. It is from all this variation in experience that LA Laura Paris was born and developed as a singer, bringing a unique sound to the entire world.

LA Laura Paris had released several successful singles before, including “I’m Leaving Right Away” and “Kissing Boys,” which gained a lot of attention due to the mix of catchy pop melodies with deep, reflective lyrics, giving her a serious fan following and critical praise. Her works never fail to question standard pop-electro music, yet they very much carry her own hallmark in French and English influences.

Her “Bad Bitch,” also advances the sound of her music. Powerfully infectious beats, welded with words, made “Bad Bitch” a sonic anthem anyone could take on to express their inner power and confidence. In that respect, this single, like much of her work prior to it, showcased how bold LA Laura Paris is when it comes to self-expression.

Pulling on stage—by means of incredible moves—is what LA Laura Paris really means through her music, the performer. Her choreography is a mix of different dance styles that come together in one live performance, thrilling and oozing with energy. Besides all this musical talent, she is a director of renowned fame and internationally acclaimed in street art.

LA Laura Paris’ journey from the streets of Brussels to the stages of Hollywood is marked by one thing: resilience. Her capability to combine Parisian elegance with Hollywood glamour has made her one of the most recognizable artists on the pop-electro scene.

“Game Over” is out now.