Floyd Mayweather Accused of Scamming Mexican Boxing Promoters

Boxing icon Floyd Mayweather finds himself embroiled in controversy once again, this time over allegations of scamming boxing promoters in Mexico out of a staggering $1 million. The saga unfolds against the backdrop of Mayweather’s recent disappearance from Dubai and subsequent reappearance in Las Vegas, sparking a whirlwind of speculation and scrutiny.

Just weeks ago, Mayweather’s presence in Dubai made headlines amid claims that he was being held against his will over an unpaid debt. However, the boxer resurfaced in Las Vegas, raising questions about the details of the earlier reports.

Adding fuel to the fire, Mayweather announced an exhibition boxing match in Mexico scheduled for August 24, only to delete the post from Instagram shortly after. The timing of the post’s removal coincided with Mayweather’s return to Las Vegas, further muddying the waters surrounding his intentions.


Compounding the confusion, Mayweather’s Instagram account recently shared a post asserting that he was “stuck in Dubai,” contradicting earlier reports of his return to the United States. This abrupt shift in narrative came amidst allegations that Mayweather failed to attend a press conference in Mexico to promote the upcoming exhibition match.


According to reports by WBN, Mayweather’s absence from the press conference left organizers and journalists bewildered, with no explanation provided for his no-show. Furthermore, Mayweather’s original opponent, Victor Ortiz, was dropped from the main event, leading to speculation about the reasons behind the sudden change.

The CDMX Government, which had been actively involved in facilitating the event, expressed disappointment over the turn of events, casting a shadow over Mayweather’s reputation and the future of the exhibition match in Mexico.