Azealia Banks Critical of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Short D–k Insecurities,’ Says He ‘Spilled No Tea’

Azealia Banks doubles back with more hate toward Kendrick Lamar over his beef with Drake. This time, she states, Lamar “spilled no tea.”

“The daughter thing is fake, metro makin bbl drizzy beats like Kanye ain’t got the fattest bbl in rap,” Banks wrote. “As a fellow Gemini, Kendrick clearly thought this would be a clever way to relaunch himself to the forefront given the lack of pop cultural fanfare from his last release. Women can tell a lot about a man by the way he moves.”

Azealia Banks previously her opinion on Kendrick Lamar and Drake. Like many of us in the rap world, Banks heard Kendrick Lamar’s “Euphoria” and then proceeded to disagree with Billboard’s opinion on the song.


Reposting a story titled, “Kendrick Lamar’s Response Was Worth the Wait,” Azealia Banks came for Lamar’s size, stating, “Kendrick is still 4’9″ and wears the same jean size as me.”

She also states that no one cares about Lamar’s feelings, whom she dubbed a “no baby.”

At the bottom of the post, she wrote, “@billboard y’all really are paid for. Even the tone and timber of Kendrick’s voice is an ultimate defeat. LOL STOP LYING.”

We now know Banks’ opinion on the wait. Now, we continue to wait for music she can call her own. You can read some more words for Kendrick Lamar below.