Will ‘EA Sports College Football 25’ Allow Xbox And PlayStation Crossplay?

When ‘EA Sports College Football 25’ comes out on July 19, there will be plenty of college football fans wanting to go up against their friends online. However, not everyone plays the game on the same system, and with the game releasing on the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S, many folks will wonder if they can play their friends on another console.

The answer is yes, but only for certain game modes. EA Sports says cross-platform play will be available in three modes, but one major one is missing from the list.

In College Football 25, you can play cross-platform in Road to the College Football Playoff, College Football Ultimate Team™, and Play a Friend.

This would appear to mean you will not be able to set up a cross-platform online Dynasty, as one would expect them to list that with these options if it were going to be available. That is a bit of a bummer, but for those looking to set up an Online Dynasty with friends on the same platform, it will support up to 32 different players in one Dynasty, which could be truly wild.

Eventually we might get crossplay dynasties, but for now you’ll be able to set up individual games, play Ultimate Team, and the new Road to the College Football Playoff with folks on another console.