Donovan Mitchell Told Woj ‘I’m Happy In Cleveland’ Amid Cavs Trade Rumors

Even before the Cleveland Cavaliers playoff run ended, much of the discussion around the team the last few weeks was about what they’d do this offseason. Donovan Mitchell is extension eligible, and the Cavs are expected to offer him the max 4-year, ~$200 million deal they’re allowed to this summer.

Whether he accepts it or not will dictate how Cleveland proceeds in trades and free agency, but no matter what the choice is, the expectation is one of their former All-Star guards will be on the trade market. If Mitchell declines the extension, the Cavs will at least have to seriously look at options to move him to ensure they don’t end up seeing him walk for nothing next summer. If he signs, there were reports this week that Darius Garland’s representation would discuss trade possibilities with the Cavs after he has struggled to find his exact place alongside Mitchell in the Cleveland backcourt.

Mitchell hasn’t really indicated anything either way about what he’ll choose this summer, but we finally got something from him on the record on Thursday night, at least regarding his thoughts on being in Cleveland, via Adrian Wojnarowski.

While not groundbreaking for a player to say this, Mitchell has undoubtedly seen all the stories over the past couple days and knows what he’s doing by offering this up on the record. Whenever a star has been traded to a team that wasn’t on his main list of preferred destinations, there’s always a wonder as to whether he’ll stick around for the next deal, so saying he’s been happy since he arrived is genuinely a big deal.

This certainly isn’t him declaring he’ll sign on the dotted line, but it will give Cavs fans some belief that he might put pen to paper this summer. If that happens, Garland’s future becomes a bit murkier, but even off a down year the Cavs would likely get plenty of calls about the former All-Star guard, as there are a number of hopeful playoff contenders in need of upgrades at the point guard spot.