Today In Hip Hop History: Suge Knight Was Knocked Out At L.A. Nightclub 16 Years Ago

Just when the entire world thought the former Death Row Records CEO Marios “Suge” Knight was indestructible, the founder of “the world’s most dangerous record label” was knocked out in front of a nightclub in Los Angeles on this date in 2008.

Knight was reportedly confronting a man about a debt while screaming, “I want my money!” According to reports, Suge and his entourage began assaulting the man in front of Shag Nightclub when Suge was punched in the face, leaving Knight knocked out on the ground. It was reported that Suge was out cold on the ground for nearly three minutes. Paparazzi flicks showed Suge being picked up off the ground and being helped into a waiting SUV. The woman driving the vehicle hit other vewhicles trying to leave the venue, so security removed her from the car so that someone else in Suge’s entourage could drive him to the hospital. According to the report, police attempted to talk to Knight at the medical facility but he was uncooperative and refused to file a police report regarding the incident. 

The man responsible for the infamous knockout is known as Greg The Barber, a 6’0″, 185 lbs., who admittedly said he received several death threats after the fight, was choked unconscious by a bouncer an an L.A. club two year after the incident. Nevertheless, he will always be known as the nam who knocked out Suge Knight.