Nicki Minaj Continues Legal Battle Against Blogger Marley Green

Nicki Minaj is no stranger to the spotlight, but this time, it’s for her ongoing legal dispute with blogger Marley Green, known as “Nosey Heaux,” over defamatory accusations. The rapper filed a lawsuit against Green in 2022, alleging that she was falsely labeled a “cokehead” in a video posted on Twitter. Despite initial efforts to address the issue, the case has seen new developments as Minaj seeks to protect her reputation and seek damages for the alleged defamation.

In a recent update reported by AllHipHop, Minaj sent a letter to the judge in March to provide a status update on the case and propose a way forward. However, Green requested an extension to reply but ultimately failed to do so. In response, Minaj argues that Green’s failure to comply constitutes a waiver of objections to the relief sought by Minaj.

Minaj has also accused Green of non-compliance with multiple discovery requests, further complicating the legal proceedings. In light of these challenges, Minaj is seeking various remedies, including precluding the defendants from seeking further discovery, preventing them from offering evidence in opposition to Minaj’s anticipated motion for summary judgment, and banning them from interposing any objections to the discovery requests.



Minaj is pushing for access to documents related to Green’s alleged statements about her drug use, as well as the viewership and engagement metrics of the video in question. These documents are crucial for Minaj to quantify the tangible damages to her reputation and pursue appropriate legal recourse.

While the lawsuit with Green remains one of Minaj’s many legal battles, it’s not the only legal drama making headlines. RadarOnline reports that Minaj faces another legal challenge from BS Associates Company Limited (BSA), a former concert promoter seeking to collect a million-dollar judgment related to a 2018 deal for a performance in China. Despite a previous award of $1.4 million against Minaj’s company, Pink Personality, the dispute continues to unfold in court.