Stephen A. Smith Was Very Excited To Receive An Autographed Picture From Donte DiVincenzo

Donte DiVincenzo was one of the heroes in the New York Knicks’ thrilling Game 6 win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday night to punch the team’s ticket to the Eastern Conference Semifinals. DiVincenzo played all 48 minutes, hounded Tyrese Maxey on the defensive end of the floor, and stuffed the stat sheet (23 points, seven assists, four rebounds, three blocks, two steals) as the Knicks picked up a 118-115 win in Philly.

Now, New York will prepare to take on the Indiana Pacers with a spot in the conference finals on the line, but before that happened, DiVincenzo had some business to take care of. You see, a picture went around earlier this series of ESPN pundit and Knicks fan Stephen A. Smith sitting at a game and staring right at DiVincenzo, so the Knicks wing decided to print that out, autograph it, and send it to Stephen A, who showed it off on TV with a big goofy smile on his face.

Smith claims that this was sent to him personally by DiVincenzo, who he really loves. However, Bob Myers — who was with the Golden State Warriors when my fellow Italian-American played for them — said that this knocked DiVincenzo down a peg in his book for doing this. It’s worth wondering, of course, if Myers is simply jealous, and if DiVincenzo could remedy this by sending him an autographed picture, too.