SOURCE SPORTS: Timberwolves Head Coach Chris Finch Hurt After Mid-Game Collision with Player

It wasn’t all pretty after the Minnesota Timberwolves took out the broom in the four-game sweep against the Phoenix Suns’ so-called super team on Sunday. Head coach Chris Finch encountered an unfortunate and severe mid-game collision with point guard Mike Conley, resulting in Finch being assisted off the court. Sheesh. 

According to a team spokesperson speaking to CNN, Finch suffered a rupture to his right patellar tendon, the crucial connective tissue linking the kneecap to the shinbone. The incident went down with less than two minutes remaining in the game when Conley, fouled by Suns guard Devin Booker, collided with Finch, who was stationed near the scorer’s table, causing the coach to fall.

Timberwolves players came to their coach’s aid, and staff members helped him to his feet and escorted him to the locker room. Fans showed their support with a standing ovation as Finch exited the court, and assistant coach Micah Nori took over for the remainder of the game.


Despite the freak accident, the Timberwolves emerged victorious with a 122-116 win, securing a series sweep over the Suns and advancing to the NBA playoffs’ second round. This was a milestone achievement for Minnesota, marking their first playoff series win since 2004 and the franchise’s inaugural post-season sweep.

After the game, Nori informed reporters that Finch remained in good spirits, and the team supported him. Minnesota’s all-star guard, Anthony Edwards, expressed concern for Finch’s well-being. The (unofficial) MVP of the first round emphasized the coach’s significance and disappointment at seeing him sidelined due to injury.

Finch, who completed his fourth season as the team’s head coach, had a great season touting a 56-26 record, the second-best in franchise history. He finished third in the NBA’s Coach of the Year award voting earlier on Sunday, and his team is a contender to win it all.