Neyo’s Ex Apologizes for Outburst: Blames The Full Moon And Underlying Issues

Instagram model Sade Bagnerise, known for being the mother of pop star Ne-Yo’s two youngest sons, has issued a public apology following a heated confrontation with the Grammy award winner. The incident unfolded earlier this week when Sade went live on Instagram from Ne-Yo’s bedroom, accusing him of neglecting their children and berating him for his alleged behavior.

During the live stream, Sade aired her grievances, accusing Ne-Yo of prioritizing his personal life over his responsibilities as a father. She claimed that Ne-Yo had failed to remove his “slew of women” from his home while their children were present and criticized him for allegedly neglecting to display photos of their sons around his residence.

However, in a surprising turn of events, Sade has now issued a public apology for her outburst, attributing her behavior to a combination of factors including the phases of the moon, her menstrual cycle, postpartum depression, and underlying issues in her co-parenting relationship with Ne-Yo.


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In her explanation, Sade expressed remorse for her actions and acknowledged the impact of her behavior on both Ne-Yo and their children. She emphasized the importance of addressing underlying issues in their co-parenting dynamic and expressed a desire to move forward in a more constructive manner.

The apology comes after initial reports indicated that Sade had gloated about her actions, but her remorse and acknowledgment of responsibility after the fact suggest a willingness to take accountability for her behavior.

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Watch the video of her outburst below.