Yandel Performs Invigorating Reggaetón Medley, Accepts Pioneer Award at Latin AMAs 2024

At the 2024 Latin American Music Awards, live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Yandel delivered an exhilarating show and testified why he’s a genre pioneer. The Latin music icon also accepted the Latin AMA Pioneer Award for his trailblazing contributions in reggaetón.

Clad in a black leather outfit and silver chains, looking straight out of a post-apocalyptic Mad Max setting, the Puerto Rican artist rocked the stage alongside dancers in matching black outfits and several of his genre peers.

He opened his medley with “Caserio,” a savory slow-tempo dancehall tune, and transitioned to “Te Suelto el Pelo” — that’s when the reggaetón rhythm began to set the mood. The momentum started crescendoing as Yandel spun through his hits such as “Permítame,” originally by Tony Dize, and was soon joined by Jay Wheeler.

The superstar then smoothly moved on to sing his banger “Encantadora” alongside Farruko, who delivered sultry vocals. As the light work continued to intrigue, Feid stepped onstage in his signature neon green, and they both began to sing “Fecha” from their latest joint album Manifesting 20-05.

After the nearly 10-minute performance was done, Jay Wheeler, Farruko, Feid, Steve Aoki and Arcángel gathered to offer heartfelt words of why Yandel has created such an impact in Latin music.

Here’s Yandel’s full speech below:

“I have been in this career for a long time, since 1998. I chose to be in this career because of my love for music and the true love of those beginnings, when reggaetón was nothing. You live in moments with many hurdles along the way, but when you don’t lose faith and you set your mind to dedication, effort and passion, there is no one or nothing that can stop you. You are going to make it.

“And these magical moments are unique and I feel very proud to be here. Thanks to my work, my team, and to all the artists and colleagues who have collaborated with me during all this time, all this way of music. Among them my partner of many battles, my brother Wisin, I love you with all my heart, my brother. We have both been blessed as duos and with our new career also as solo artists, so it is a blessing. Brother, I love you with all my heart and we are going to keep breaking.

“To my people at Warner Latino, Alejandro Duque and Roberto Andrade, thank you for believing in me, for supporting me in this beautiful stage of my career. To my support that you give me every day, without you this would not be possible. So much respect. Manifesting is on the street, breaking. Thank you.”

Thalia, Becky G, Alejandra Espinoza and Carlos Ponce co-hosed the award ceremony that presented in a combination of English and Spanish, marking the first time any major U.S. award show featured a bilingual broadcast via Univision.