Here Are the Nova Music Festival Survivors Highlighted at Emotional NYC Exhibit

The brave survivors will be telling their stories at NYC’s The Nova Music Festival Exhibition: October 7th 06:29AM.

It’s been six months since hundreds of concertgoers were killed during the devastating terrorist attack at Nova Music Festival in October 2023, where Hamas militants invaded the event at sunrise during electronic dance music celebration of the Jewish holiday Simchat Torah.

The remnants left behind are now on display in New York City as part of a moving immersive exhibition titled The Nova Music Festival Exhibition: October 7th 06:29AM, which will be open to the public beginning on Sunday (April 21).

The installation includes remains salvaged from the festival grounds, including scorched cars, bullet-riddled bathroom stalls and personal belongings all left behind. There is additionally a healing tent, a lighthouse with the declaration, “We will dance again.” The New York exhibit also includes video testimonies from survivors, volunteers and family members, as well as raw footage taken on Oct. 7 from both festival attendees and Hamas militants. Donations from the exhibition will go to the Nova Healing Journey, an initiative that supports mental health treatment for victims and families of the October 7 massacre. 

Several survivors of the brutal attack are spotlighted at the exhibition, and Billboard took photos of the brave group during a preview of the installation. See the powerful survivors and their stories below.

Lee Sasi, 25

Nova Festival Survivors, Lee Sasi

The U.S. citizen from California was attending the music festival with several family members, and tragically lost her cousin and uncle, the latter of whom used his body to protect others from grenades in the bomb shelter they were hiding in.

David Needleman

Shye Klein, 26

Nova Festival Survivors, Shye Klein

The Canadian-Israeli photographer, who had moved to Israel just six months before the attack, was capturing photos of the festival, and the viral footage he took as he made his escape helped identify both survivors and victims.

David Needleman

Natalie Sanandaji, 28

Nova Festival Survivors, Natalie Sanandaji

The Long Island, NY, native worked in real estate before the tragic attack inspired her to transform her life. She now serves as a public affairs officers for the Combat Antisemitism Movement.

David Needleman

Tomer Meir, 21

Nova Festival Survivors, Tomer Meir

Mier was released from military duty after serving two years as a medic for the paratrooper division after the attacks. He began his healing alongside his friends he attended the festival with, finding therapy and hope through meaningful conversation and seeking joy in things like going to the beach.

David Needleman

Daniel Dvir, 23

Nova Festival Survivors, Daniel Dvir

Dvir was born and raised in Israel, and was separated from her best friend after fleeing the festival when the two ran into Hamas terrorists on the road. Dvir ran seven kilometers and hid in a tree, on a farm and on a riverbed before her dad drove more than an hour to find her and bring her to safety.

David Needleman

Ofir Amir, 42

Nova Festival Survivors, Ofir Amir

The Nova Community co-founder and CFO and Nova Music Festival Exhibition co-producer worked to rescue attendees from the shooting. He was shot in both his legs, while his wife was nine months pregnant at home during the attack.

David Needleman

Yagil Rimoni, 39

Nova Festival Survivors, Yagil Rimoni

The co-founder and CEO of the Nova Community and Nova Music Festival Exhibition co-producer lost many friends as well as his five-months pregnant cousin and her husband during the shooting. Like Amir, he helped rescue many festival attendees.

David Needleman

Paz Amar, 26

Nova Festival Survivors, Paz Amar

The Nova Festival producer was able to escape by car to a nearby Israeli community after a close encounter with a vehicle carrying Hamas members. More than 100 of Paz friends have been murdered or kidnapped by Hamas.

David Needleman

Reef Peretz, 33

Nova Festival Survivors, Reef Peretz

The Chairperson of the Tribe of Nova Foundation was one of the music festival’s producers, who has since dedicated his life to leading efforts to support and treat survivors for the significant trauma they endured and post trauma they are undergoing.

David Needleman

Raz Malka

Nova Festival Survivors, Raz Malka

The Nova Music Festival producer worked with Israeli authorities to assist the community of survivors including National Insurance, Ministry of Welfare and more.

David Needleman