Lana Del Rey Calls Out Her ‘Butthurt’ Former Tour Manager Who ‘Quit For No Reason After 15 Years’ Right Before Coachella

Lana Del Rey‘s set at Coachella 2024 has garnered much buzz. During her set, she performed all the fan favorites, including a duet of her breakthrough hit, “Video Games,” with Billie Eilish.

But her set came together by the grace of the universe, especially as one key member of her crew evidently quit on her ahead of the show.

In an Instagram post, Del Rey thanked “Emily for stepping up as tour manager when Pete quit for no reason after 15 years because he was butt hurt that I got 10 comped bikes for free from Wally and randomly decided he was more of a stage designer than a tour manager… Never got a phone call probably never will. Still grateful for the 15 years though. No worries – 37 days was more than enough time to put together an entire headlining set all by ourselves. Not stressful at all.”

Elsewhere in the post, Del Rey thanked Ben and Ed, her longtime managers. But she made one simple request. “please send me an email If you decide to quit this year- 15 years is a long time for us too.”

Del Rey will return to the Coachella Stage this coming Friday (April 19) at 11:20 p.m.

You can see Del Rey’s post above.