Baby, Baby, Baby: Ashanti Announces She’s Engaged and Pregnant With First Child

Congratulations are in order!

We’ve all been overjoyed seeing Ashanti and Nelly rekindle the flame; now, the lovebirds welcome a newborn on the horizon. In addition to her pregnancy announcement, Ashanti exclusively revealed to Essence that she is engaged to Nelly.

Ashanti shared the exciting news to her 8.5 followers on Instagram with the caption, “Baby baby baby baby…. ❤️🙏🏽😆” This was a play on words from her 2002 single “Baby.”


The cute video shows Ashanti getting ready for a show at Barclays Center in New York. One of the producers asks her how much time she needs, to which she responds: “I need about 9 months.” It then shows her mom’s shocked face, as this is the R&B singer’s first child.

The IG post was in collaboration with her boyfriend Nelly, Essence, and Proov, the latter of which is an at-home fertility company that helps patients with their pregnancies every step of the way. 

Huge congratulations to Ashanti on this exciting new chapter in her life!