Georgia Man Sentenced For Adding Antifreeze To Baby’s Milk to Avoid Child Support

A Georgia man has been sentenced to 50 years in prison for attempting to poison his newborn baby with antifreeze in a desperate attempt to avoid paying child support. Curtis Jack’s horrible act came to light after he admitted to deliberately putting antifreeze in his newborn baby’s bottle back in 2020, as reported by NBC News.

Curtis Jack had previously worked for Delta Air Lines and accidentally got a co-worker pregnant. The mother of the newborn told police how Curtis, pictured, had tried to get her to terminate the pregnancy for entirety of the gestation.

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Curtis Jack

The chilling incident unfolded after Jack’s co-worker and the mother of his child gave birth to their daughter on September 24, 2020. While still in the hospital, the mother entrusted Jack with bottles of breastmilk for their newborn. However, instead of providing nourishment, Jack maliciously tampered with the breastmilk by adding antifreeze.


Following Jack’s delivery of the tainted breastmilk to the child’s grandmother, the innocent newborn fell ill and began vomiting within a day. Alarmed by the baby’s deteriorating condition, the family rushed her to the hospital, where medical tests revealed the presence of ethylene glycol – a toxic chemical found in automotive antifreeze.

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Fortunately, the baby survived the poisoning attempt and has since grown into a healthy 3-year-old, according to However, the traumatic ordeal left scars, both physical and emotional, on the child and her family.

He was apprehended by authorities on October 16, 2020, and during interrogation, confessed to his despicable act, revealing that he had added antifreeze to the breastmilk in an attempt to evade his financial responsibilities towards his child.

Ethylene glycol is a highly toxic substance, and even small amounts can prove fatal if ingested, as noted by By deliberately exposing his newborn daughter to such a lethal substance, Jack endangered her life in a callous attempt to shirk his parental duties.

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During the trial, damning testimonies from the child’s mother, grandmother, law enforcement officers, and medical experts painted a grim picture of Jack’s actions and their devastating consequences. Furthermore, the prosecution demonstrated how effortlessly Jack had poisoned the breastmilk, underscoring the premeditated nature of his crime.

Jack was convicted on all counts and handed a severe sentence of 50 years in prison, with 40 years to be served behind bars.

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