Hitkidd Drops “Secluded” Video: Producer Turned Powerhouse Solidifies Reign

Hitkidd’s ascension continues. The Memphis maestro, already a Grammy and BET-nominated producer, is back with the fire-hot video for “Secluded,” featuring Lil Gotit. This banger is the latest heatwave from Hitkidd’s upcoming album, “Hitkidd for President,” and trust us, you don’t wanna miss it.


“Secluded” is a masterclass in blending classic Memphis grit with fresh, genre-bending production. Hitkidd’s signature beats lay the foundation, while Lil Gotit drops hard verses that’ll have you nodding your head all day. The energy on this track is undeniable, and it’s a surefire sign of what’s to come on the full album.

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But the heat doesn’t stop with the music. The video, directed by r.svn, perfectly captures the private house party vibe of the song. Think hazy visuals that match the lyrics: “Plus I’m posted somewhere you can’t be at/It’s secluded, somewhere you can’t see at.” It’s an intimate look into the world Hitkidd’s crafting, and it’s clear he’s not holding back.


“Secluded” is more than just a new video; it’s a glimpse into the future of hip-hop. Hitkidd’s pushing boundaries, staying true to his Memphis roots, and dropping visuals that’ll leave you wanting more. This is a bold statement from an artist who’s only getting started.

Mark your calendars, because “Hitkidd for President” is coming soon.  In the meantime, crank up “Secluded” (Hitkidd & Lil Gotit) get ready to experience the next wave of hip-hop.