Fans Think Latto Named Nicki Minaj As One Of The Top Three Women Rappers With Just One Simple Word

It seems like Latto may have had a change of heart about one of her rivals. Last week, the “Sunday Service” rapper sat down with radio personality Lore’l from her Atlanta hometown station Hot 107.9. During their conversation, Lore’l asked Latto about which women rappers she’d rank in the top three.

For her first two, she chose a couple of rap GOATs, however, she was rather cryptic about the third.

“[Lil] Kim, gotta say Kim,” Latto said in the clip. “… I’ma say [Lisa] Left Eye [Lopes], rest in peace Left Eye, and shawty.” It is unclear who Latto was referring to when she said “shawty,” but some fans believed she may have been talking about Nicki Minaj.

“Latto still give Nicki Minaj props by saying ‘Shawty’ this shows a grown woman because i don’t fck with you but i will still give you your props,” said one Barb on Twitter.

“Not Latto calling Nicki “Shawty” cuz who tf else,” said another fan.

Back in 2022, Latto and Minaj engaged in a heated Twitter row, after Minaj suggested that if her hit single “Super Freaky Girl” was to be put in the pop categories for the Grammys, then so should Latto’s “Big Energy.” The two have been thought to have traded shots back and forth through their music over the course of the past year.

But despite their past scuffles, it seems like Latto may have put their differences aside. Perhaps a collab may be in order for the future?

You can see the clip above.